Sturdee Residences: For people with High-class lifestyle

The beautiful view that you can get from your home at Sturdee Residence condo is sublime. The city skyline stretches in front you as you gaze in all directions to take in the pleasant view. It is a peaceful window to the world. This private retreat ensures that best facilities are available at your doorsteps. Most of these facilities are to help you maintain the contemporary lifestyle to which many people are growing accustomed.

sturdee residences for people with high class lifestyle

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Keeping in mind the notion of a healthy body hosts a healthy mind; there are many facilities that have been made available to the residents of Sturdee Residences such as gym and swimming pool so that exercise and recreation are both possible. Kid’s pool will take care of the needs of the young ones while safety is maintained. Jacuzzi and water-jet pool are some of the other facilities that can easily be availed at Sturdee Residences to help you refresh.

Serene Condominiums

The investment in innovation that has been done at Sturdee Residences pays in the form of the experience of a high-style modern living. Modern in terms of style and design, the homes are serene. They have been designed to satisfy your lifestyle needs. The high-rise tower complex stands tall in the middle of the inner city with much glory.

City-fringe location

The ace up the sleeve of Sturdee Residences is that it is close to various transportation services so that public or private transport can be easily opted for by the residents. There is nothing better than a home which gives you tranquil view of the city, with the city skyline sitting peacefully in front of you. The location of the condominiums is very prominent because of the city-fringe address. The interiors of the homes at are a class above anybody’s expectation.