Amenities in Lake Grande new condominium

Lake Grande is the area which is situated at the Jurong lake link and it is about only at the 5 minutes’ walk distance from the lakeside MRT station. Thus it allows the people staying there to have the fresh air. The main reason that the fresh air is received is the natural lake of Singapore. MCL is the company which has already developed its two projects which are named as the J Gateway and the LakeVille. After the success of the two projects, the company has come up with the Lake Grande condo. It is the great condo which is going to be the attraction of news channel and it is going to leave a mark in the property industry.

Amenities at your Fingertips

The lake has the garden which is also known as the people garden and it is the perfect combination of the Chinese garden and the Japan garden. It has been announce by the president and it is the symbol of class and entertainment for the residents of Jurong. The lake Grande condo in Singapore us surrounded by the 7 mega malls which are the IMM, Big Box, West mall, West gate, JCube, JEM and the Jurong point.

It is the best point for lovers as the lake Grande has easy access to the golden village and the Cathay Cineplex. The beigest hospital is also developed in the area. The hospital which is in the Jurong district has the capacity of 700 beds which indicate a very big hospital. The lake Grande is located near the hotels and it is easy to get in reach of the hotels. In 2015 a hotel ahs started in Jurong which is the Genting hotel and it contains 500 rooms. Thus this shows that the Lake Grande ( is good place to live and all amenities can be found easily.